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Reiki Power Pendant

Reiki Power Pendant
Reiki Power Pendant
Reiki Power Pendant
Reiki Power Pendant
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The Nude Jeweller

Reiki Power Pendant




This reiki power healing pendant enhances and supports healing intentions. It is a wonderful transmitter of light energy and enhances third eye visions during healing energy work.

The power reiki symbol and the apophyllite symbol work together to enhance and support healing.

     •  Sterling silver auric healer
     •  Apophyllite Pyramid ¾ inch to 1 ¼ inch
     •  Supports healing and intentions 
     •  Enhances third eye


Silver jewelry should be washed as often as a piece of clothing. A gentle brush and powdered soap really help lift the oils that will later attract dust and create tarnish. Buffing silver jewelry with a soft cloth will bring the luster up. 

Preventative care

  • Purchase The Nude Jeweller’s polishing cloth for the cleaning of your silver jewelry after each time you wear it.

  • Store your silver in The Nude Jeweller’s anti-tarnish packaging it arrived in while not wearing.