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Ammolite Life Path Pendant

Ammolite Life Path Pendant
Ammolite Life Path Pendant
Ammolite Life Path Pendant
ammolite jewelry the nude jeweller sterling silver chain

The Nude Jeweller

Ammolite Life Path Pendant




This cobblestone variety of ammolite increases chi and enthusiasm & helps to relieve stress. 

Together, this made-to-touch pendant encourages each step you need towards manifesting the life you want

     •  Chi and enthusiasm enhancing 
     •  Stress relieving
     •  Sterling silver
     •  Unique free-form ammolite stone
     •  Gem polished on both sides
     •  Ammolite size 40 mm x 30 mm
     •  Pendant measures 60 mm x 30 mm
     •  Comes with sterling silver snake chain


Ammolite is a soft gemstone which means it needs gentle care. It should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth only. It should never be cleaned with any liquid jewelry cleaners or water.

Take care not to expose ammolite to extreme heat or cold. Avoid water and steam. Avoid contact with perfumes and hairsprays.

Preventative care

  • Purchase The Nude Jeweller’s polishing cloth for the cleaning of your ammolite jewelry after each time you wear it.

  • Store your ammolite in The Nude Jeweller’s anti-tarnish packaging it arrived in while not wearing.