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During a lively business name brainstorming session back in the early days of my company, I blurted out an idea to my working group, “I know! I’ll call myself “The New Jeweller!” Suddenly I had everyone’s attention – or at least, all of the men’s attention! “Really?” said one, “You want to call yourself The NUDE Jeweller?”

I immediately started to blush, but with the room filling with laughter and hooting, I retorted in fun saying, “Yes! And my tagline will be: It’s all you’ll want to wear!” We laughed some more and then eventually carried on with the session.

That was in 2008 and as it turned out, I was too shy to use that name. I opened my commercial jewelry studio as Amy Newsom Design. But the brainstorming session stayed with me—not just because we’d laughed so hard, but because my customers started to tell me that my pieces were all they wanted to wear! “My other rings are jealous,” I would hear. Or, “I haven’t taken it off since I got it.”

Well, that is exactly how I want you to feel when you put on my product. Like it’s part of you. Connected to you. Made for you. I want my jewelry to look and feel as at home on you as your own skin.

I started to think maybe I really was The Nude Jeweller!

I know I am captivated by the true essence of the stones and precious metals I work with. When I learned that the jewelry industry artificially “enhances” most gems, I became passionate about using only pure, untreated stones in my designs. I am also one of the rare jewelers who alloy all of my own sterling silver and 14k gold. This ensures my jewelry contains none of the nickel compounds that many people are allergic to (often unknowingly) and makes it all the more comfortable to wear.

No, I don't make jewelry in the buff (nor would anyone in their right mind), but every piece I create is handcrafted with intention and purpose in the naked pursuit of purity and quality. I am The Nude Jeweller and yes, my pieces are all you’ll want to wear!