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Jewellery is so much more than stones and cold metal. Not only does it symbolize love & unity but there's a special feeling you get when you wear the right piece. Some people wear jewellery for the way it looks, some wear it for the way it makes them feel & some wear it for the holistic benefits. 


My goal for Amy Newson Design & The Nude Jeweller was never to make Jewellery!

My purpose has always been to create pieces of art that made you look good, feel good & empowered you.


Every holistic gem and precious piece of metal that I work with is hand selected and has a specific purpose. My mind, body and spirit goes into every piece I create.

 Holistic treasures have not only become the foundation
of my career, and focus of my designs, they have become my ultimate passion.

Now, after three decades, I have become The Nude Jeweller, in service
to my medium, so that it can be of service to you. 


I have hand crafted every collection with dramatic

simplicity so that they can be worn anytime & anywhere, you will NEVER want to take it off.